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In today's competitive economy and workforce, rewarding and incentivising your staff has never been more important! Recognising their hard work and success in tangible ways is a key part of maintaining relationships with your staff that will ultimately keep them around for the long-haul.

Not only is it great for business, but it’s a fantastic way of encouraging them to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. When done currently, staff rewards are guaranteed to spark joy, motivation, and inspiration for your employees, and go a long way towards helping reach their maximum potential each day. We all have our off days or go through periods where our performance is not our best, but having an incentives program in place can definitely help to reignite that fire to get us back on track!

We’ve seen this Incentives & Rewards guide do incredible things for salon teams. In just one financial year, we’ve seen an increased revenue of over $260K - that’s right; not total turnover, but an INCREASE in annual sales, just in 12 MONTHS. 

You receive:

-Our Incentives & Rewards Blueprint, expertly trialled and developed over a 10-year period

-A free 30 minute training session with Coach Andy showing you exactly how to implement yours

-Ongoing support for you and your team

Purchase your copy today and start seeing the benefits tomorrow. Not only can you maximise your employees’ potential, but by rewarding and validating their hard work and achievements, you’ll be improving their quality of life and keeping them around for longer.

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