Millionaire Salon Coach



The ultimate business transformation package for those committed to taking control and making real change! This is your opportunity to grow your salon, spa, or clinic without having to sacrifice hours every week on coaching. 

We delve deep through a combination of approaches to transform your business, mindset, and motivation.

Intensive, one-on-one weekly sessions of just 60 minutes will equip you with tangible tools and strategies to implement each week, with the goal of creating significant development in a short space of time. 

This course is designed to help business owners take control and drive their own future success, while providing the support and guidance you need each step of the way. During the process, you’ll discover your true goals, your purpose, and what success means to you - and most importantly, how to get there. Whether you define your success as your own leadership skills, your team’s achievements (if you have one), your sales and revenue, discovering how to eliminate gaps in your schedule, or reaching a certain number of clients - this course will help you to achieve that.


Perfect for business owners who…

-Feel overwhelmed

-Tired and burnt out

-Ready for the next step

-Need that accountability

-Need that extra edge to get your teams buy in

-Are unsure where to go next

-Are finding challenges with their team’s retailing skills

-Are looking to employ their first team member

-Are unsure about their mindset

-Want to feel a renewed sense of inspiration

-Want more out of life and want to learn how to work ON, and not IN, their business

-Plan to expand locations

-Hope to generate $1 or  $3M in annual revenue

How It Works

  1. We book in a 30 minute strategy call to discover your goals and priorities
  2. We define your top 3 challenges, to ensure we will be a fit for each other before commencing
  3. A series of weekly coaching sessions will be scheduled with yourself & your team (if you have a team), totaling 10 hours
  4. Ongoing support outside of our hour
  5. Refine & refine more on the salon success secrets
  6. True freedom & Financial Independence

Your coaching sessions consist of:

-Retailing and up-selling tips for you and your team

-Enhancing your communication skills 

-Tailored advice on increasing your sales

-Mastering your attitude and mindset, traits, habits and behaviours

-Developing strategies to consistently achieve your KPIs

-Discussing 7-figure KPIs and what they mean within  your business

-Team activities (if you have one) to improve on confidence and communication, including role play scenarios

-A deep dive into your figures

-Unlimited support

-Dive into your booking software

-Discover new revenue streams

-Attracting new clients

-Developing existing client base

+much much more

This package is for the business owner that is ready and willing to take the next step towards achieving financial independence - but as we like to say, creating success and building your dream life is NEVER going to be effortless. Day by day, you will discover more than you ever thought possible about yourself, your business, and your goals, and master taking back your control. 


If you Purchase the 10 Hour Package, you get:

1. Policies & Procedures Bible (saves you years of wasted time & energy) valued @ $697 - FREE

2. Team rewards & incentives (instill team inspiration & drive) valued @ $97 - FREE

That's over 2 hours of personal coaching for free

Monthly Payment plans available


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