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Unite your team and ignite their passion with this motivational and educational group masterclass. The key to your business success and profitability is your staff, but first, you must nurture their skills and their mindsets in order to achieve this success.

As humans, we put out our best work when we love what we do, when we feel supported to do so, and when we feel inspired. Creating this environment for your team is essential in order to get the best from them, and when you do, your business will flourish. The core of the Goal Setting & Alignment course, therefore, is understanding exactly what makes your team tick, and what inspires them personally, professionally, and financially. Goals give us direction, motivate us, and drive us forward. For example, you wouldn’t just get into a car and drive with no destination in mind? Goals give us purpose and passion, and when we have purpose and passion, clients can feel it, and will keep coming back for more. If each of your team members experiences this purpose and passion on an individual level, and feel supported by you to nurture their goals, imagine what you can achieve together! Your business will reach a level you have never known before.


During this session, your team will learn to:

-Determine passions and niche skill sets in the business

-Work towards individual and shared goals

-Create clarity and direction in their careers

-Improve self-worth and confidence

-Address low attitude and mindset

-Refocus when feeling lost

-Find clarity when feeling confused

-Deal with setbacks and challenges days in-clinic

-Avoid team drama

-Improve initiative skills

-Address poor client satisfaction

-Improve weekly, monthly, and annual revenue

-Better connect with their colleagues

-Facilitate and participate in prosperous team meetings

-Facilitate one-on-one meetings with senior team members

-Uphold effective communication strategies

-Facilitate difficult conversations with peers

-Create long-lasting relationships

This very special masterclass took over 10 years to develop, and has generated millions in sales. On average, we’ve found that therapists who have undergone this training sell over $250k in product and services - and that’s just in the first year. By the second, we’ve seen this increase to over $320K, and to nearly $400k by the third. 

As part of our Goal Setting & Alignment Course, you will also receive our highly popular Team Rewards & Incentives blueprint for free - valued at $297 - so that you can reward your team’s hard work and dedication to improving their craft. Policies & Procedures manual  - valued at $697 - This has been developed over 12 years & allows us to expand locations and run a 7-figure clinics!


No matter what stage your business is in, this course is beneficial for any and every team. Finding purpose and passion at work is something everyone deserves, and it can significantly improve quality of life both within and outside of the workplace.


If you find no value in this course and no signs of improvement from your team after 30 days, I will FULLY refund your money, NO questions asked. Purchase today for you and your team, and start to transform your business from the inside out!


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