Do you want to grow your salon or clinic into a 7 figure business with just 1 hour per week? 

You can, just like countless other businesses, with my tried and tested strategies. How do I know they work? Read on…


Hi, I'm Andy, the Millionaire Salon Coach.  

Just like you, I own a business - a salon dedicated to making others feel more beautiful and confident in their own skin. ‘The Skin Coaches’ was originally a humble spray tanning salon, and over the years, has now evolved into a multi-million dollar empire, with the help of my beautiful partner. It hasn’t always been easy – we came close to liquidation on more than one occasion. But we always bounced back.

My early years were pretty tough: substance-using, drink-driving, and the most negative mindset about my life. I always saw myself as the victim, felt hopeless and bitter, laid blame on others, and essentially made excuses for why life sucked. I grew up in an over-crowded, dirty caravan park in a single-bed caravan home with my mum. There were no silver spoons in our mouths. Suffice to say this didn’t make for the easiest of childhoods. Though it did give me the gift of gratefulness for my mum’s unwavering care, and the opportunities life has given me so far.

The day I turned it around was the day I decided I wanted much more from life, because the way I’d been thinking and the things I’d been doing clearly weren’t working for me. And now I have two beautiful boys, my beautiful partner, my salon, my teams, and a supportive community. And now my mission is to help other salon owners do the same - because I know that it’s possible to rise above it all and achieve incredible success, even from the darkest of places.

My strategy is to provide the gift of education and knowledge so that business owners can build a solid financial foundation and live out their desired life. And this focuses around much more than just business and finance. Once you have the tools to set goals, motivate and inspire your team, create positive behavioural attitudes in the workplace, and better communicate with your clients, only then will the financial success follow. This holistic approach to business coaching is where my specialty lies. Everything I do with my clients is to help them discover their ‘True Power to Choose’. Particularly for new business owners, or for those who have been operating for a very long time, it’s easy to develop the mindset that you don't have the power to choose your own rules. But that, simply, is bullsh*t!!

Sometimes all it takes is a simple mindset shift, and many businesses experience their most profitable months (I’ve seen up to $38k per week!) in their salons after just a handful of sessions. Many of my clients will say they now have clarity and clear direction, and that their team vibe is high and buzzing with inspiration! I've event spent time managing a company that turned over $30M annually. So I know what it takes to be successful in business. One of my other passions is about giving back to disadvantaged youth, where I take many of my business concepts and use them for mentoring on how to build a successful life - whether this success looks like money, career, family, friends or otherwise. After all, the best gift we can give is the gift of knowledge. With that, we can learn to live powerfully and be great.


You have nothing to lose - make now the time for your business to transform and prosper by booking a free introduction call with Andy to see if coaching is right for you.